A good plan


A good plan


The small calendar in the brandbook (4 pages) is viable until 2018. As this is a limited edition, we have reduced 50% its price, to make up for this. All other tools are timeless.

A good plan is a branding planner that contains 42 strategic tools and templates divided into four multilingual booklets: Creativity (sketch pages), Planning, Strategy and Identity.

Concept, design & publication by Mayúscula
Format 16x22 cm
Soft cover booklet made by high quality embossed paper
Perfect binding
Four types of papers in different sizes
Printed in offset metallic
128 pages
Multilingual: English, simplified Chinese, Spanish and Arabic
Elastic band colors: Black, blue or red
Bellyband explaining concept and contents
ISBN: 978-84-606-6977-7

If you are stockist, university or need more than 10 units, please contact agoodplan@mayuscula.es

Elastic Band Color:
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