Workshop for an Automotive Industry client

Mayúscula designed a workshop focused on the creation of a holistic branding project for an Automotive industry client.

With the help of the tools from A Good Plan, the client carried out an effective and multidisciplinary methodology which was able to define, for instance, its core brand values, the mission of the company and also track the brand personality. The session raised up different tools to organize the brand and define a clear strategy with a direct business goal. The client also established the brand architecture and how the brand is represented in all expressions through different A Good Plan templates. 

By using A Good Plan methodology, the workshop ensured a great and fast innovative way to stand out the strengths and brand's unique value to create an effective and powerful brand. The workshop has proved succesful to aid in the creative process of the brand strategy, verbal identity and brand expression. 

They had a blast and were super creative!


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