Workshop at Mr. Marcel School

Rocío Martinavarro, founder and creative director of Mayúscula, was invited to gave an intensive workshop at Mr. Marcel School within the MA's Design course Graphic is thinking made visual.

The three-days-intensive-workshop focused on the branding process and how to construct and manage a sustainable brand platform successfully helping with A Good Plan tools. The participants learnt how to organize and develop a 360º project from planning, strategy and identity by creating a multidisciplinary project implementing the brand expression to all touch points: branding, interior design and product design.

The aim was to educate and empower the creative abilities to maximize the capacity of analyzing and create effective solutions to be able to be implemented in an innovative fast-changing market; ensuring a unique brand, service or product.

Mr. Marcel School is a small school but with a big ambition. Small to be adaptable and to attend all needs oriented to detail and quality and, big, to pursue the goal to develop a better future for all students by delivering a high quality education and helping them to jump into the professional world.


We are Mayúscula, a branding & design studio in Barcelona. We build global and multilingual brands for start-ups, multinational corporations, and creative agencies in need for a partner. We help in erasing barriers that restrain your competitivity, whether expanding your business to emerging markets like Asia and Middle East, or penetrating in developed markets like Europe.