Master's degree in Branding at Elisava school of Design & Engyneering


Rocío Martinavarro, founder and creative director of Mayúscula, was invited by Jordi Belil, the director of the Master's degree in Branding at ELISAVA (Barcelona), to give a master class to present A GOOD PLAN.

The Master's degree in Branding is a degree awarded by Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, aimed at Graduates in Design, Graduates in Advertising, Postgraduates in Marketing, Graduates in Business Administration and Management (Diploma in Strategy), Professionals or academics with proven experience.

A GOOD PLAN was presented as a platform to impulse creatives, entrepreneurs, strategists and business lovers in the creation and management of brands. It makes visible the invisible behind creative processes: the concepts, the creative strategy and the analysis for decision making. It comes in the form of a booklet, but it expands into branding workshops, lectures, projects and master classes. The notebook is arranged into four parts: ideas (sketch pages), planning, strategy and identity, covering the branding process, from business goals to brand launch. In total, 128 pages with more than 40 different strategic tools and templates that become a route map and inspire brands to be different, innovative, intelligent, effective and efficient.

The class presented tools such as chronograms, benchmarking spider charts, customer sensory maps, planification of business goals, monthly and year plans, positioning & SWOT matrix, audience analysis charts, verbal & visual identity tools or brand attributes & archetypes.



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